Using the ILL Request Form

The ILL Request form lets you electronically request items from other libraries. To place an ILL Request:

  1. Search for an item, display the individual record, and click the ILL Request button;
  2. When the ILL Request Form appears, (Figure 1) fill in the required information, including the library where the request is being made, and click the Place Request button. Users can review the lending policies by clicking the line "Click here to review lending policies." (The policies are visible at the top of the page if only one lending institution is available.)
  3. If the request was successful, a confirmation form will be displayed (Figure 2). Note the tracking number for future reference. Click the Close Window button to return to the PAC. (If the request is not successful, the ILL Request Form appears again with a message describing the problem. Make the needed changes and try again.)

If you are a new patron and need a User Name and Password, click the "New Users Click Here" line on the ILL Request Form to reach the New Patron Screen (Figure 3). Select your home library from the list and click the Go! button. When the Add User form appears (Figure 4), fill in the information and select the Go! button. An ILL Request Form similar to the one described above will appear. Make changes if necessary and click the Place Request button.

Determining the Status of a Requested Item

You can check the status of an item you have requested by selecting the Loan Status button on the PAC home page. Enter your user name and password in the Status Review Request window, and click the Go! button to view the status request form (Figure 5).